Environmental & Public Welfare
GLOW Group Improved and Installed Off-grid Solar Power System

On 8th September 2018 GLOW Group, led by Mr. Narongchai Visutrachai, SVP – Government and Public Affairs, and Mr. Akarin Prathuangsit, Chief Procurement Officer and employees had organized the handover ceremony of Off-grid Solar Power System on Koh Kham to the First Naval Area Command (NAC-1).

Glow had improved the old solar system and installed a new system which can generate and store electricity from solar energy for the everyday use by the NAC-1 officers and tourists who visit Koh Kham, Sattahip, Chonburi. This stand-alone system has an overall production capacity (DC) of 4,105 W and can supply power through the batteries at 1,000 W-h per day. Apart from allowing the necessary works on the island to run smoothly with stable power 24/7, the system also provides several charging hubs for tourists’ electronic devices.

Last Reviewed/Updated : 27/Sep/2018